My Space, My Silence, My Language

Most writers try to create unique worlds and characters – and tend to repeat same themes. Many writers develop some themes because themes reflect something in ourselves and the way we see the world. In this workshop we will use many different writing exercises to explore the themes that resonate inside us. The workshop consists of many short writing exercises. The goal of the exercises is to provide the participants tools to explore their own writing, and their own, unique world.

Advance assignment: Letter to a lost one
Write a letter to someone, or something, that you have lost. The addressee of your letter can be anyone, or anything that you have lost: person, animal, emotion or something else. In your letter, address the one as “you”, no matter whether you are writing to a lost person, or something more abstract. In your letter, describe what the lost one once meant to you, why, when and where you lost her/ it, and how did that loss change your life and yourself.

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