Writing with Paintings

Paintings can be a unique source for exploring potential literary styles. We start with the camera-like human perspective, marked by its self-evidence and seeming natural experience of seeing and showing, and of being seen. This is most patent in paintings from the period of European Renaissance, and can be detected as active in classical writing styles. From there we move in time back and forth, to examine respectively pre-modern paintings (e.g. pre-Romanesque church paintings), and Modernist paintings (e.g. Cubism). In such paintings, additional visual experiences may be found, and which can act as instigators for literary imaginations that are not bound by the classical style.

This workshop will be comprised of a talk of 40 minutes, 20 minutes for a writing exercise, and 60 minutes reading and discussing the exercise together. For this workshop, please bring an image of a painting that has been haunting you, or you have been moved by to great extent.

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