Carsten Jensen

Carsten Jensen

Olof Palme Prize winner

Carsten Jensen, Danish author, born 1952, was awarded the prestigious Olof Palme Prize for his “work, in word and deed, to defend the weak and vulnerable as well in his own country as around the world”.

An avid traveller, Carsten Jensen has produced several critically acclaimed travel biographies, the most famous of which are probably Jeg har set verden begynde (I Have Seen the World Begin) from 1996 and Jeg har hørt et stjerneskud (I Have Heard a Shooting Star) from the following year. He was awarded the Golden Laurels in 1997 for the former, the most coveted literary prize in Denmark. His many travels have taken Carsten Jensen to both Balkan and Afghanistan where he has reported on the wars, the atrocities committed and the political motivation behind Danish presence in these war zones.

As a writer of literary fiction Carsten Jensen is equally successful. His bestselling novel Vi, de druknede (We, the Drowned) has been published in more than a dozen countries and sold more than 500,000 copies world-wide.

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