An Interview with IWR Alumni Iain Reid

An Interview with IWR Alumni Iain Reid

We are profiling some faculty and alumni leading up to the 2018 Retreat. Iain Reid was a faculty member at our first Retreat in 2014.

How did you find out about Iceland Writers Retreat originally?

I found out about it because my sister, Eliza, is a co-founder, and I remember her telling me about their idea to start the retreat. I thought it was very exciting, and I’m pleased to see how it’s developed and grown over the last few years.

Have you ever participated in a similar kind of retreat, either as faculty or as a participant? 

No, this was the first event like this that I attended.

What did you most look forward to about the Retreat?

I looked forward to spending some time in Iceland and also meeting the other authors and participants from various countries.

Did it match up to your expectations?

It exceeded my expectations!

How has writing influenced your life?

It’s influenced my life in many ways. Professionally, but also personally, as I’ve met many good friends through reading and writing. I imagine writing will (likely) always be a part of my life.

What do you find to be your biggest challenge in your writing life?

I find writing very hard. So, all of it is a challenge.

What are you working on currently?

My first novel is being adapted for film by Charlie Kaufman for Netflix. My new novel, Foe, will be released later this year in August.

Any final comments you’d like to share with our followers?

The Iceland Writer’s Retreat is an amazing event and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is considering attending. I’m very appreciative of my time there in 2014.

Iain Reid is the author of two critically acclaimed, award-winning books of non-fiction. His debut novel, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, was an international bestseller and named by NPR, and the Globe and Mail, among others, as a book of the year in 2016. It was short-listed for the Shirley Jackson Award and has to date been translated in over twenty languages. It is being adapted for Netflix by Oscar-winning screenwriter Charlie Kaufman. Reid’s new novel, Foe, will be published in August, 2018.

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