Meet Our 2019 Media Intern

Meet Our 2019 Media Intern

The Iceland Writers Retreat welcomes interns each year, and Marion Grant is this year’s Video and Advertising intern. She is currently completing Ryerson University’s Literatures of Modernity Masters Program. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in English literature from Ryerson University. She is a student research fellow at Ryerson’s Centre for Digital Humanities and works on the Yellow Nineties 2.0, which focuses on digital remediation and scholarship of nineteenth century periodicals. A Toronto native, Marion enjoys her time cooking, canoeing, and writing.

IWR: How did you become an intern for the Iceland Writers Retreat?

MG: The English Masters program at my school has a practicum component where we are required to get an internship related to our interests. I saw the posting for IWR and thought that my previous social media experience would be a good fit! I also love to write in my free time and the opportunity to meet such a diverse collection of authors was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

IWR: How do you feel about being involved with the Iceland Writers Retreat?

MG: I’m very excited about the upcoming conference. It has been so wonderful to meet the IWR team, everyone is so wonderful and so talented. The workshops seem so incredible and address such interesting topics.

IWR: What part of the retreat are you looking forward to the most?

MG: I really appreciate that the workshops are small groups, I feel like that will be a really good opportunity to hone my writing skills. Also, I’ve never been to Iceland before so that’s very exciting!

IWR: What do you like to write?

MG: I primarily write academic work, mostly because of my degree. I am currently finishing up a digital exhibit that explores the intersection between the Fin de siècle Periodicals and Victorian theatre. In my free time I like to write non-fiction pieces.

IWR: What do you like to read?

MG: I just finished reading For Today I am a Boy By Kim Fu, which was incredible. However, as a Victorianist I primarily read Nineteenth century literature.

IWR: If you weren’t a student/intern right now, what would you be doing?

MG: If I was not a student or an intern right now I would hope to be travelling. I really enjoying exploring new places and experiencing different cultures.

IWR: What made you pursue your degree?

MG: I am currently completing my Masters degree at the same school I did my undergrad. I remember catching glimpses of the graduate classes or talking to some of the students and was always super impressed by it. The Literature’s of Modernity program at Ryerson University is a really incredible program. They program has very small class sizes so that each student gets a lot of attention from the professors to improve their work. The cohort this year only has nineteen people, including myself. Each student is paired up with a mentor who checks in quite frequently to make sure their mentee is on track. This type of set up of course resulted in such a strong sense of community between the students and teachers, which I think makes Ryerson unique in comparison to other programs. I also met a really wonderful professor in my undergrad that really encouraged me to pursue my academic career and helped me with my application to the graduate program. Through her support and assistance I was really about to blossom and pursue my interests. I am so happy with my choice for my graduate career, I could not possibly imagine doing my Masters anywhere else.


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