The free and independent story

This is a workshop on family literature. We will discuss the novels that fly over age and gender and travel through time and space. What are their characteristics? How do we build bridges over the age gap? How do we write everlasting stories? What are the stories that survive the obsessive behavior of categorizing with boundaries and restrictions? We will examine the timeless treasures, discuss and absorb as we exercise and search for our own threads and patterns, layers and magic wands that give wings to the free and independent stories.

This course will start with short exercises before a lecture and end in longer exercises, readings and discussions. (Material that has been taught in creative writing at master‘s level at the University of Iceland.)

  1. THE INFLUENCER- Bring a book ( or a citation from that book if you dont want to travel with it) that had a great impact on you during your growing years and still travels with you in spirit – a story that you feel age limits do not apply to – a story that travels through times and inspires you always. Be prepared to share the why and how with a short description in discussion.
  2. GREAT BEGINNINGS- Examine a few beginnings and find one that you particularly like to share. Think about what you look for in starting a story, what are the key elements for a great beginning, how do you start a journey … remembering that there are no rights or wrongs.
  3. THE TOOL BOX – Bring your own tools to share, tools on how to built a story. A book, a method, a process, a deliberately organised chaos? There are endless ways to travel through the writing process.

Kristín Helga’s appearance is supported by Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature.

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