Third Place in the IWR Writing Competition

Third Place in the IWR Writing Competition

We have partnered with the Radisson Blu Saga Hotel to offer one person a free spot at the Iceland Writers Retreat in April-May 2020.  The winner receives admission to all events for the Iceland Writers Retreat, as well as four nights accommodation at the Radisson Blu Saga Hotel and we received over 400 submissions from the around the world.

This year the challenge was to submit a 350-word story, essay or poem inspired by this photo, which we’ve captioned: “Iceland: ethereal, exhilarating, sublime.” Entries were judged anonymously by two previous IWR volunteers & writers, and a representative of the Radisson Blu Saga Hotel, our contest sponsors. Third place was awarded to Sarah Ann Winn in the US, with “Mist Feathered”. Second place went to Sean Sakamoto of the US with “Words with Friends” and the winner of the competition is Caroline Rannard from Australia, with her story “Postmarked Reykjavík”. You can read Sarah Ann’s story below, and Caroline’s through this link and Sean’s here.

There are still some spaces available to attend the Iceland Writers Retreat or the Iceland Readers Retreat. Click here to sign up.


Mist Feathered by Sarah Ann Winn

It might have been pasted
on the planet
upside down, torn out
from another story,
rough beauty, rocky, moss edged
Iceland, where the mists spill into the sky
and the mountains reach down
to touch the earth, but only provisionally.
The rocks refuse to stay silent,
sing, confer with shadows,

keep their secrets close,
refuse rain on the days
when the light lingers,
which is most days, even
in full dark. And while the light plays

hide and go seek, gives up,
dives green, grazes, the stories
creep closer, land, nest in the stones.

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