Writing Contest Runner-up

Writing Contest Runner-up

For the fourth year in a row, we have partnered with Iceland Travel to run a competition to win a spot at the Iceland Writers Retreat. This year’s theme was “Waterfalls” and we received 350 submissions from the around the world.

This year’s second place went to “The Old Gods” by Rebecca Gordon of the United States. You can read Rebecca’s piece below!

The Old Gods


We used to speak,

when you listened

Tales of honor and love,

life and war

We sat at your table and counseled you

writing your history with our deeds


You had no need for churches then

The trees were your chapel

the rocks, your altar

the waterfall, your hymn


Goðafoss, you named it

when he drowned us in its currents

As if we could drown

As if we could be silenced

The waterfall just grew louder

and more beautiful


We sought new ways to make you notice,

new vessels for our spirits




Fierce and breathless


Neither created

nor destroyed



holy island

our neon peace

our shroud of wonder

knit with fire and frost


Our living canvas,

painted by the earth’s dreams

Motion persisting





Greet the waterfall,

and Goðafoss will answer

in our timeless language


Bright white energy

slipping through your fingers

Like silver thoughts

pooling into a vast memory below


That same water,

flowing within you

Like blood, like tears

A force of nature,

connecting us

An infinite reminder

Not all who are forgotten are gone

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